Greystone Accommodations

Six Living Quarters

The Greystone Estate has six living quarters – the Manor House, Guest House, Carriage House, Log Cabin, Pool House and Stone Cottage, each with a fascinating history and located in serene settings throughout the property.

About the

Nestled in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, Greystone is a premier private mountain estate overlooking Upper Bear Creek with incredible views and serene surroundings, a sanctuary for all who visit. The estate has seven buildings with nearly 26,000 sq ft of living space. The centerpiece of the estate is the historic Manor House.

(Retreat at Greystone) Evergreen with Dr. Sue was a lifetime experience. We began our day with yoga in a beautiful pavillion surrounded by the beauty of Evergreen. The food and lodging were outstanding, the entire experience combined with the love and guidance of Dr. Sue is very powerful. In addition to resolving a knee issue, I felt refreshed, realigned and overflowing with gratitude.

Debby Bliss