Greystone History



  • Genevieve Chandler Phipps purchased 1000 acres which became Greystone.
  • Greystone Stone Cottage, Guest House, Manor House and Carriage House built.



  • Pool built adjacent to Upper Bear Creek.


  • Genevieve’s daughters, Helen Phipps Bromfeld and Dorothy Phipps Garrett, inherited Greystone.


  • Elmer and Peg Wilfey of A.R. Wilfey & Sons, Inc. purchased Greystone and added an adjacent 250 acres.


  • Greystone Pool House built as the living quarters for the Wilfey’s eldest son.


  • Colonel William and Mrs. Sadie Sandifer of Atlanta, Georgia purchased Greystone (1250 acres) and converted it to a guest ranch.


  • With his parents’ blessing, Bill Sandifer Jr. subdivided approx. 250 acres which became Greystone Lazy Acres.


  • Original Pavilion built with grand stone fireplace.


  • Pool built adjacent to the Manor House. The original pool at Upper Bear Creek was deconstructed in the 1970’s.


  • Acting on his parents’ behalf, Bill Sandifer Jr. sold 200 acres which became Greystone Estates.


  • Nathaniel and Margaret C. Burt purchased Greystone with 55 acres on behalf of their daughter, Margery Burt Smith and husband Warren A. Smith.


  • Warren A. Smith, owner of Greystone, voluntarily files for bankruptcy.


  • Greystone foreclosed upon by the United Bank of Bear Valley.


  • Greystone purchased by Jerry Peterson of Greystone Manor Limited Liability Company.


  • Greystone sold to Richard and Pamela Bard.
  • Pool House and Guest House renovated.


  • Carriage House renovated to become the headquarters of Bard & Company, Inc.


  • Repositioned entry road and paved all drives of Greystone.


  • Manor House renovated and Pool rebuilt.


  • Renovation of the Pool House after a minor fire.


  • New white oak timber frame Pavilion built around the grand stone fireplace of the original Pavilion.

1914 – 1939
The Genevive Era

Genevieve Chandler Phipps was a striking woman with many admirers. Married at 18 to Lawrence Cowle Phipps and divorced by 25, she was a prominent Denver socialite. In 1914, she purchased 1000 acres on Upper Bear Creek which would become Greystone.

1939 – 1946
The Wilfley Era

Elmer and Peg Wilfley purchased Greystone in August 1939. Elmer was heir and president of the prominent Denver pump and mining machinery manufacturer, A.R. Wilfley & Sons, Inc. Elmer had dual intentions for Greystone – a working cattle ranch and a relaxing family haven.

1946 – 1981
The Sandifer Era

Greystone was sold to Lt. Colonel William Sandifer and his wife Sadie in 1946. They envisioned Greystone from the beginning to be a luxurious guest ranch. Sandifer became a self-made man known for his renowned engineering of the Empire State Building in New York City and the American Embassy in Tokyo. His wife Sadie, a woman of wealth from Deep South Alabama and first cousin to Lady Bird Johnson, was well accustomed to posh entertaining.

1981 - 1992

The Smith/Peterson Era

Nathaniel and Margaret C. Burt purchased Greystone with 55 acres on behalf of their daughter, Margery Burt Smith and her husband Warren A. Smith. In 1987, Warren voluntarily filed for bankruptcy and Greystone was for sale in 1989. An Evergreen/Denver bachelor, Jerry Peterson, fell in love with Greystone and purchased it in 1991.

1992 - Present
The Bard Era

In the spring of 1992, after selling their Denver country club home, Richard and Pamela Bard found in Greystone exactly what they had been looking for in a one-of-a-kind estate. Shortly after purchasing it, they set out with plans for renovating the entire property.

(Retreat at Greystone) Evergreen with Dr. Sue was a lifetime experience. We began our day with yoga in a beautiful pavillion surrounded by the beauty of Evergreen. The food and lodging were outstanding, the entire experience combined with the love and guidance of Dr. Sue is very powerful. In addition to resolving a knee issue, I felt refreshed, realigned and overflowing with gratitude.

Debby Bliss