Self-Healing in Secluded Serenity: Dr. Sue Morter

Nestled in the pristine beauty of the pines in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, Greystone exudes the same serenity Dr. Sue Morter helps her students find inside themselves. A master of bio-energetic medicine and quantum science, Dr. Sue provides unrivaled guidance along the path to clarity and unwavering support on the journey to define life’s purpose for oneself.

The Evergreen Healing Retreat, an intimate gathering of like-minded individuals on a path of discovery and self-healing, turns the table on the archetypal self-wellness retreat. Dr. Sue, along with fellow doctors from her Morter Institute, will primarily focus on meditation and the practice of new healing techniques. Guests will work closely with Dr. Sue and her staff, beginning each day with body awake yoga to build circuits in the deep core self. Retreat attendees will spend the remainder of their days in meditation, practicing integrative breathwork, receiving restorative bodywork and in applied teaching sessions.

The retreat will also feature healing sessions utilizing the bio-energetic synchronization technique, as well as one-on-one instruction with a focus on providing feedback on the developing clarity each guest obtains, as he or she obtains it. Dr. Sue and her staff of doctors will assist guests in discerning practices for healing specific areas of the body, alleviating symptoms and recognizing symptom patterns.

The goal of the Evergreen Healing Retreat is not, as the old proverb goes, to give a man a fish. The goal is to teach its guests the tools and healing capabilities needed to go out in the world, self-heal and live an inspired life as their true selves.

The Evergreen Healing Retreat takes place February 8 – 11, 2018 at the Greystone Manor & Estate in Evergreen, Colo.

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susanna lamb


Can you please tell us about the medical background of Dr. Sue Morter. What kind of doctor was she before embracing energy medicine? Thank you.


    Interesting, I was just sitting here asking myself the same thing when I scrolled down and saw your question. Doesn’t seem to be a reply here to your question.

Mariejo Wiehe

To both comments above, I would say that Dr Sue Morter does not need any other qualifications than what she demonstrates through her Being and her Service to the world.

She presents herself as Dr, so I guess she is a doctor in something or other, but honestly, from the demonstration of her Being, from what I see on her various videos etc, she is enough, or I should say, she is more than 🙂

You may be missing the point of this retreat if you think it has anything to do with the medical world. It has to do with Healing yes, clearly, but that is vibrational! It is obviously focussed on allowing Each One to BeCome who One Is, in Truth and in Love.

We are soo Very conditioned by our past, our upbringing, our environment. The efforts spent in the clinic seems towards the undoing of All That and focused on the Revelation of the One I Am.



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